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The top left of each SCAG website screen has button-controls for a new user to register a profile or an existing user to login, as in Pic (1) below.

 Pic 1

Select a User Profile Name (Username).  Click on Check Availability, to check if the profile name is available or is already in the system.  See Pic (2) below.

 Pic 2

If the user name you selected already exists in the system, it will show the message in red,” entered user name is not available. Please try again”. At this point you can change your selection or add a prefix or suffix to the same name or enter a new User name and move further in the registration process.  See Pic (3) below.

 Pic 3
If the user name is available in the system, it shows the message, “Username is available”. As in Pic (4)

 Pic 4

After completing the form in Pic (2), enter security code and click [REGISTER]. The system will send an email to you shortly confirming that you have initiated the registration process, and the screen will show a “Thank You!” message, as in Pic (5) below.
If the you do not see a confirmation email in the inbox of the email address entered in the registration form,  you should click the link Resend Verification. The email verification confirmation comes from

 Pic 5

Below, Pic (6) shows the email verification confirmation message which will be sent to you when Profile Registration is initiated.   This message includes the link to be clicked to complete the registration process and the support email address for any questions or concerns.  That address is WEBMASTER@SCAG.CA.GOV and you can always use this email address to address questions or concerns about the website to SCAG.

 Pic 6

Click on the link in the body of the confirmation message; this is unique for every profile.  The link will return you to the SCAG Registration page which confirms your registration and from there you can click to log in.  See below Pic (7).

 Pic 7

Once you have clicked on the link in your emailed confirmation, the system will  take you to the User Profile login page: Fill in your username and your password and choose from Public / Private Computer type.   See Pic (8) below.

 Pic 8
If you choose Private, the system will then give you the option of staying logged in for 10 hours.  Click the [LOGIN] button to log in.  See Pic (9) below.
Pic 9
Forgot Password, Forgot Username & Regenerate Verification
In case you forget your password or your username, you can retrieve a new password from the system by clicking on the link Forgot Password (top  arrow) or the Forgot Username (middle arrow)  or the Regenerate Verification  (bottom arrow) links.   See Pic (10) below.
 Pic 10
Forgot Password
Fill in the information fields and click the [SEND] button.  A new password will be sent to the email address you entered when you registered.  See Pic (11)

Pic 11
Forgot Username
Enter the last name and email address that was used while creating the profile, and click the [SEND] button.  This will send your Username to the email address you used when you originally registered.  See Pic (12)

Pic 11
Regenerate Verification
If you need to regenerate the verification email message and send it to your registered email id, click on the link Regenerate Verification, populate the information fields and click [SEND] as in Pic (13) below.

Pic 13
Completion of Profile Information
Once you are logged in using your username and password, you will see the Complete Your Profile page which has three optional steps, as in Pic (14)
1.         Add Work details to the profile (to SKIP, click on [SKIP THIS STEP] button)
2.         Add Personal details (to SKIP, click on [SKIP THIS STEP] button) and
3.         Review the Profile

 Pic 14
Based on the registered email address’s domain, the system may have been able to determine a Work Organization for you (for example, if your email domain was “” the system would know you worked for SCAG).  If the system was unable to select a correct work organization for you, you can use the FIND tool to select another, or create one.  See the FIND functionality in Pic (14) and the display of the results in Pic (15) above and below.

 Pic 15
If your organization is not on the list, you may add it.  Please be advised that new organizations must be reviewed and approved by SCAG’s Contact Data Integrity Team so that we avoid inadvertent duplicates.  See Pic (16) below. 

Pic 16
Adding a new Organization
Click on the link in Pic (15), and populate all the fields, make sure to save a new organization.  all the required fields (with *) are mandatory.  Click the [SUBMIT ORGANIZATION] button to submit your organization.  See Pic (17).

 Pic (17)
Selecting an Existing Organization
If you select an existing organization, follow the steps below in Pics (18), (19) and (20).  You can choose to skip this step by clicking on the [SKIP THIS STEP] button.  The system will next take you to the screen to enter personal contact information.
1.         Enter the keyword and click find as in screen shot below

 Pic 18
2.         Choose one and click Select Organization from the search results, add choose the address from the list.

 Pic 19
3.         Add Work details to the form and click Submit work address.

 Pic 20
Setting up Personal Address
SCAG does not require you to enter personal information, however if you sign up for any traditional mailings, SCAG will need a physical address  which to send this information.  None of the fields are required. Populate the fields as desired and click the [REVIEW] button (with or without having filled in anything) for next step or the [RESET] button to clear all fields.  See Pic (21)

 Pic 21
Reviewing Registration Information
When you click on the [REVIEW] button in the previous step, the system will take you to a review page with all your information entered.  Please confirm your registration by indicating the correctness of the information – click the [COMPLETE REGISTRATION] button.  You will be able to correct any mistakes in the next step. See Pic (22) below.

 Pic 22
Profile “Preferred” Information Set up
Many people with whom SCAG communicates have more than one phone number, physical address and email address.  In order to not overwhelm people with more than one set of contact information on file, SCAG asks that you indicate which elements are your preferred contact elements.  You may select:
Preferred Email
Preferred Address
Preferred Phone
Preferred Fax
Note – if you have only one of any element on file with SCAG, that element is automatically designated as the preferred element.
Clicking on the [COMPLETE REGISTRATION] button in the previous step takes you to the Basic Information page where  you  can update/ set the preferred information by making selections from the drop down fields.   See Pic (23)

Pic 23
The Completed Profile
The completed Profile Page is shown below.  The left vertical pane shows the preferred information and the links to change password, update preferred method of contact, SCAG ID Account FAQs, Contact SCAG Webmaster, Go to Address Book and Back to original destination links.  See Pic (24) below.
Thank you for completing your SCAG Profile.

 Pic 24
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